The Legend of Mayahuel

Agave, the essence of Embajador Tequila, can be traced back to an Aztec legend in which it is used to comfort the soul of a God in mourning for his lost love.

The Aztec legends tell of the origin of Earth, and of an evil Goddess in the heavens named Tzintzinmitl.

Tzintzinmitl blocked the light of the Sun and kept the Earth in darkness. Quetzalcoatl, supreme God of the Earth, grew weary of her abuse and rose into the sky to put an end to the injustice. On his way, he encountered the fertile diva Mayahuel, granddaughter of Tzintzinmitl. He fell instantly in love with Mayahuel and took her back to Earth to live with him.

When Tzintzinmitl realized what Quetzalcoatl and Mayahuel had done, she went mad with rage and set out to find them. They hid from Tzintzinmitl but she pursued relentlessly. Desperate, the two lovers turned themselves into trees, thinking that Tzintzinmitl would not be able to find them. They dreamt that when the wind blew they could lightly brush against each other and in some way remain together forever.

The evening stars saw what Quetzalcoatl and Mayahuel had done and revealed the plot to the wrathful Goddess. Tzintzinmitl wanted to destroy Quetzalcoatl. She cast a powerful bolt of lightning that struck Mayahuel dead. Grieving and furious, Quetzalcoatl buried the remains of his beloved and advanced to the sky. With help from the Gods, he slew Tzintzinmitl, and thus was the Earth freed from darkness.

The Gods witnessed Quetzalcoatl’s grief and sought to comfort him. They caused a marvelous plant to grow from the exact spot where his cherished Mayahuel was buried. This plant they called Agave. It is a plant thought to have special properties. Agave produced an elixir that would comfort Quetzalcoatl’s soul. He shared his drink with man, who would christen it “Tequila…”

After all, we are an Embajador (Ambassador) of Mexico.

Embajador Tequila

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