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From our Platinum Blanco to our Supreme Anjeo, people all over the world are enjoying our authentic tequilas. Below you can see what they think about us!

From CNN Travel (Tokyo, Japan)

"We then lined up some top-end blancos: Embajador Platinum, 901 blanco, Patron Silver and Gran Patron Platinum..." "...Embajador bulged with flavor..."
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The Tequila Tourist - Reviews #296 and #333

Review #296 - Premium Reposado
This has everything that you'd want from a good repo. Plenty of agave, a nice mellowing from the barrel and balanced flavors to round it all out. The price is on the high end, but the flavors are pretty darn good.
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Review #333 - Platinum Blanco
"This is a really rich and unique blanco. It’s tasty, oily and unique. The cinnamon notes make it an unexpected blanco, but it still stays true to the agave foremost. This is fun as a sipper and would probably make an array of interesting cocktails. Simply put...this is a really good all around blanco. Check it out if you see it on your local shelves."
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A Tasting Review From Cynthia

I was looking for different tequila other than our usual Cuervo or Patron for the upcoming holiday, and you offered me a bottle of EMBAJADOR. I now understand why you were so passionate and sure of your family's tequila. You have every right to be. We found it to be a supreme tasting tequila of great quality easy to enjoy in many ways. I was able to talk a sister who prefers wine into trying a baby shot, her words after trying it with me was it was smooth with no burning after taste. I believe that is one of my favorite things about it is that is smooth and easy to drink. I do also want to mention that we found the box to be eye catching as well as enjoyed the story it tells, more so the females than the guys. My brothers were more interested in the taste than the presentation. So all in all, this has proven to be superior tequila which can easily hold it's on with other top shelf brands, and definitely deserves the word premium. I will truly recommend Embajador to all who are true tequila drinkers.

Thanks for the enlightenment, Cynthia!

A Tasting Review From Steve

I will be honest as I do not drink a lot of tequila due to some bad experiences in college but this was good smooth sipping tequila. I still have a few friends that need to try but so far I like it and would buy your product again. Thank you again for offering the bottle. That does go a long way in my mind when I am purchasing a new product.

Best of luck with your tequila and your rollout and I wish you continued success.

Thanks, Steve!

A Tasting Review Message From Tequila Aficionado

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Embajador Tequila

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