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Eloquent and convincing, Embajador Supreme ripens gracefully in covered barrels of charred oak, whose caramelized surface imparts a remarkably generous and majestic spirit. Profoundly flavorful and pungent, it will evoke the most treasured memories.
Supreme Experience

Embajador Supreme (Anejo)

An array of sweet cooked agave aromas entice the senses with tones of caramel, vanilla and coffee in this supreme tequila.

Fruit bearing and spice like aromas complete this well crafted Anejo style.

Supreme is a majestic golden tone, full bodied and velvety smooth with a well balanced taste of agave, vanilla and spices at the finish.

Supreme is rested for 18 months in American Oak Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey barrels. 40% alcohol by volume - 750 ml. Also available in 375 ml and 50 ml.

Best enjoyed neat at 68° Fahrenheit

The Awards

Embajador Supreme

 Spirits Selection Medaille d'Argent 2016 - Supreme Bar Biz Spirits Silver Winner

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Embajador Tequila

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