Embajador Tequila
Embajador Tequila

Our Family Legacy

The competitive advantage that Embajador Tequila has, is the passion of the people behind the brand.
We are a family who is motivated and inspired by the idea of crafting quality and distinguished Tequila. Embajador is produced in small batches to focus on the brands consistency and quality principles. We produce Embajador using only 100% Blue Weber Estate Agaves grown the Highlands (El Alto) of Jalisco, Mexico. This region in the valley of the Highlands of Jalisco is distinctive with its nutrient rich red clay soil and its natural spring water aquifer that runs through our land. It is one of the natural elements of this region and the essence that gives Embajador Tequila a few of its distinguished characteristics.

We will not sacrifice the honored value of our methods or the superiority of our estate Agaves for mass production. We will not cut corners to meet new demand and boost the bottom lines. Our handcrafted methodology and patience is honored and fully committed to producing quality Tequila.

Our goal is to be true to the process and to our craft. We are truly passionate about what this brand represents and we honor the time each of the processes requires so that Embajador will always be consistent in aroma, taste and quality. We want Embajador Tequila to be here for our future family generations to come with the same consistency, in aroma, taste and quality. We will establish Embajador for steady growth in the premium category over the next 10 years.

This is not a sprint race for us, but more of a marathon and we are taking the proper steps to condition ourselves to achieve a strong successful presence in the US and Global market within the Premium Tequila Category.

After all, we are the Embajador (Ambassador) of Mexico.
Embajador Tequila

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