• Crystalline Soul

    With its distinct accents of pure 100% Blue Weber Agave, Embajador Platinum is a twice-distilled spirit with luminous silver and platinum tones. For tequila connoisseurs, its freshness and intensity infuse the palate with enduring vitality. Platinum Experience
  • Patience Savored

    Aged in American oak barrels, Embajador Premium is a young distillate, with accents of extraordinary character, aroma and flavor that will keep the most demanding palates eagerly awaiting new, complex and intriguing adventures.Premium Experience
  • Time Rewards

    Eloquent and convincing, Embajador Supreme ripens gracefully in covered barrels of charred oak, whose caramelized surface imparts a remarkably generous and majestic spirit. Profoundly flavorful and pungent, it will evoke the most treasured memories. Supreme Experience
  • Gran Embajador

    Gran Embajador is an exquisite Extra Anejo, its deep amber color with hues of orange are enhanced in the elegance of its unique hand blown bottle. Gran Experience

The Process

Embajador Tequila is crafted from estate grown 100% Blue Weber Agave. We use semi-artisanal methods to cook our Agaves.

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  • The Awards

    Gran Embajador

    Tequila Producer of the Year
  • The Awards

    Embajador Platinum

     Spirits Selection Medaille d'Argent 2016 - PlatinumSpirits of Mexico 2014 Platinum
  • The Awards

    Embajador Premium

     Spirits Selection Medaille d'Argent 2016 - PremiumBar Biz Spirits Gold Winner
  • The Awards

    Embajador Supreme

     Spirits Selection Medaille d'Argent 2016 - SupremeBar Biz Spirits Silver Winner
Embajador Tequila

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